Ditmas Park Capital offers three ways to invest

1. Direct Fund Investor.

Accredited Investors (Individuals who have a net worth of at least $1M without their home, or have earnings of at least $200,000 per year) can invest directly in the Fund. The minimum investment is $50,000 and the projected return is between 10 – 12% on a yearly basis.
You can invest any time in the first three (3) business days of any month. You can request redemption with a 90-day notice.
Past performance of the fund can be found here

2. Fixed Rate 6% Lender

Any individual can lend money to the fund and earn an annual flat return of 6%. This form of lending is capped at 25% of our fund’s capital and priority is given to these investors over any other. Since these loans remain separate from the performance of the fund, their return is assured and only in the case of a 75% loss in fund value would they be affected making this investment an extremely low-risk proposition. The minimum loan is $10,000 and can be issued at any time of the month. Payback can be requested at any time as long as 30-day notice is given.
View the promissory note that we give all lenders

3. Purchase Mortgage Investor.

An Individual can review the various mortgages listed in the Portfolio section and select a specific mortgage that he would like to purchase.
A person can buy a portion of the mortgage he does not need to necessarily buy the whole mortgage- the minimum is 25k
The fund will handle all the paperwork and will continue to service the loan. The projected return is about 10% annually.