Ditmas Park Capital

A Limited Liability Partnership operating since 2015 that was established to initiate and invest in High Yield Real Estate Mortgages. We have over $20,000,000 under management and hold first lien mortgages on over 200 properties.

We bundle these mortgages together and have created a hedge fund structure that diversifies our investor portfolios and minimizes their risk.

These mortgages have an average loan to value ratio(LTV) of less than 68%. That means that our loans can only comprise of up to 68% of the value of the property that is taken as collateral. This gives us a substantial cushion to deal with the volatility of the real estate market.

Our Capital is generated from two sources: Direct Fund Investors and Fixed Rate 6% Lenders.

Our Direct Fund Investors receive returns based on the performance of the fund as a whole, in the way a hedge fund operates. Fixed Rate 6% Lender’s are a more standard form of lending and collect a fixed rate of 6% on their investment.

The investors comprise 75% of the capital and their return is subject to the success of our fund as a whole. The loans are 25% of the fund and earn an annual return of 6% and receive priority over the direct fund investors.

Performance Reports

Each Month, Ditmas Park Capital publishes a detailed report of past performance data, including, monthly returns assets under management.

Barry Hertz

Barry Hertz Ditmas Park Capital Barry Hertz is the founder and Manager of Ditmas Park Capital LP. A Hedge Fund that invests in High Yield mortgages in the Real Estate Market. He is also the founder …
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David Hertz

David Hertz has been a part of our operations team since January, 2016. His business acumen makes him an integral part of the company. David’s responsibilities include … Read more

Aviva Blumberg

Since its inception in March 2013, Aviva Blumberg has been the Controller of Ditmas Park Capital, LP., and in that capacity she is responsible for interfacing with both the … Read more

Ditmas Park Capital Investment Home Buying

How Do I Become an Investment Home Buyer? A Hands-on Guide from Industry Pros

Thirty years ago, it was diamonds. Fifteen years, e-Bay. Today, especially if you live in the Lakewood area, there is no denying that real estate is the hot industry.
Yet a few common complications often stop potential investors from entering the field in the first place: how do I get started? How do I know how to spot a good deal? How do I obtain the capital to purchase an investment home or homes? And what do I do once I own it?
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Ditmas Park Capital Maximize Your Savings

Maximize Your Savings: A Conversation with Mr. Barry Hertz of Ditmas Park Capital LP

Why is it so much easier to spend money than to make it?
Wise money managers recognize that smart investments are often the key to enabling their money to work for them, rather than the other way around. Why not earn sizable returns on money that’s simply sitting in the bank?
Two main concerns often hold people back from pursuing investments: a worry that the investment will pose a risk to their capital; and a fear that the money won’t be available when they need it.
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